Signature Cakes & Desserts

Classic Cakes

Three layers with one filling, covered in buttercream

6" - Serves 8
$30.00 - With specialty filling
Gluten Free + $5.00
8" - Serves 20
$40.00 - With specialty filling
Gluten Free + $10.00
4" Cake Topper

Ice Cream Cakes

Two ice cream flavors and one topping in the center.
Iced with whipped cream

6" - Serves 8
8" - Serves 12
10" - Serves 25

Sheet Cakes

Two layers of cakes with a filling

1/8 sheet Serves 15-18


1/4 sheet Serves 30-35


1/2 sheet Serves 55-60

** Special Order Only **

Cookie Cakes

Choice of cookie with buttercream scroll and writing

6" - Serves 4-5


8" - Serves 8-10


10" - Serves 15-17


Mini Cupcakes

Basic ( no decoration) $15.99 per dozen.
Minimum 6 of each flavor


Naked | Basic decorations : No upcharge

Additional Decorations

Each decoration is a separate add-on to the base price of cakes.

+$15 fee to stack cakes
+$10 or more for toppers and toys- special order

drip cake decoration


6” $5 for rim
$8 for full top

8” $8 for rim
$10 for full top

drip cake decoration

Sprinkle Ribbon

6” $5 Band

8” $8 Band

Chocolate or Rainbow Sprinkles
For Specialty sprinkles- speak to
baker on options and pricing

drip cake decoration

Signature Style

A variety of piping
styles in whatever
color range you prefer
(up to 3 colors)

6” $6

8” $10

drip cake decoration

Beach Theme

Chocolate shells,
and or sand

6”  $6

8”  $10

drip cake decoration

Gold Leaf

Depending on amount used

drip cake decoration

Sugar Paper

Depends on design

drip cake decoration


$8 – Rosettes in one
color, any 3 colors,
or Ombre available

drip cake decoration


$3 – Buttercream
roses, up to 2

Have Inspiration for a Cake Design?

Send us some photos and we will see what we can do!

email to:


Key Lime Cooler

vanilla cake filled with a tart key lime curd, topped with key lime buttercream.

Pina Colada

vanilla cake filled with pineapple topping, topped
with a refreshing coconut buttercream and sprinkled
with coconut shreds

Key Lime in da Coconut

coconut cake, key lime cream filling,
swirl of coconut and key lime buttercream frosting

Strawberries and Cream

vanilla or chocolate cake filled with fluffy cream & fresh strawberries, topped with our signature vanilla buttercream.

Coconut Cream

vanilla cake, coconut cream filling, coconut
buttercream frosting.

Banana Cream

vanilla cake with banana cream filling, topped with banana buttercream

Simple Pleasures

Classic Vanilla

vanilla cake topped with our signature vanilla or chocolate buttercream

Classic Chocolate

chocolate cake topped with our signature
chocolate or vanilla buttercream

Red Velvet

a southern favorite. Topped with our signature cream cheese buttercream

Boston Cream

vanilla cake filled with Boston cream, topped
with vanilla buttercream and chocolate ganache drizzle

Carrot Cake

Our signature recipe, topped with cream cheese buttercream


a bubbly champagne cake, topped with champagne buttercream.


almond cake, topped with almond buttercream.

Chocolate Lovers

Sweet & Salty

chocolate cake filled with a rich & salty caramel ganache, topped with salted chocolate buttercream

Chocolate Overload

chocolate cake filled with chocolate ganache, topped with our signature chocolate buttercream.


chocolate cake filled with marshmallow fluff, topped with a graham cracker buttercream.

Coconut Joy

chocolate cake filled with a heavenly coconut
cream, topped with a swirl of coconut and chocolate buttercream

Chocolate Peanut Butter

chocolate cake filled with a gooey
peanut butter ganache, topped with peanut butter buttercream, a peanut butter lover’s delight!

Fun Flavors

Half Baked

vanilla or chocolate cake with a half baked chocolate chip cookie center, topped with vanilla buttercream

Banana Fosters

banana cake, foster filling, topped with banana buttercream frosting

Strawberry Cheesecake

strawberry cake topped with a cream
cheese buttercream.


chocolate cake filled with a gooey caramel coconut filling, coconut buttercream frosting

Dulce de Leche

vanilla cake filled with gooey caramel sauce, topped with caramel buttercream

Mocha Latte

vanilla cake filled with a rich chocolate ganache topped with a coffee flavored buttercream

Cayenne Chocolate

a spicy cayenne chocolate cupcake filled with chocolate ganache, topped with cayenne chocolate buttercream